Know What Your Buying

Home inspections are questioned by some new homebuyers and new investors of home properties seeking to renovate and sell a property for profit.

The Homebuyer

For the homebuyer this is especially true when the home is newly built or renovated. There maybe a false since of security that all is ok with the property on the part of the buyer because of the newness and upgrades in the property.

Another reason a home inspection  maybe minimized or not considered is due to real estate marketing.

For example, some purchasers may  be influenced by buzz words they  hear in the real estate industry like new, rehabbed, totally renovated, lots of upgrades.

Without realizing how certain words can impact  their decision not to have an inspection they may consider to forgo the inspection process altogether.

However it is important to remember that the home inspection process  is a crucial step in the purchasing process because it gives you, the buyer, certain protective rights and negotiate on having certain repairs done.

So, the home inspection is a critical part in getting to know what your buying regardless of whether the home is old, new or renovated.

Ask yourself two important questions; What do I need to know about the home that I am purchasing?  Who is looking out for my interest when it comes to the purchase of the home?

What about a Home Warranty?

Newly constructed homes and those rehabbed usually boast of having a one year warranty and rightfully so, they should!

It can take months of living in a home before discovering issues that may be costly to correct and to be forthright and open about inspections, an inspection may not reveal a particular problem at the time of having one.

Its true in construction and practically any other field that some things may not manifest themselves until a later time.

However rather than being totally at the mercy of the builder or construction professional who’s job is to build and sell properties, its important to you  to live in and enjoy your investment as comfortably as possible.

The Investor

There may be investors that feel  they do not need an inspection because they “got a guy” (contractor or whomever) that will look at the property and tell them what needs repairing.

Also, because an investor may see it as a given that certain systems or components will need replacement in the property, there is no need for an inspection.  Well, why do most people get a second opinion or another quote when making a major purchase or considering a service?

Our job as your inspection advocate is to assist  you in having another set of eyes that have been trained to observe and check the physical condition of the systems and components at the property and to document the findings and present them too you. So our recommendation is too – Know what your buying!

Inspectall Inspections provide thorough inspections and inspect every property as if it were our own.

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Home Inspector Tip:

Foundation Crack  (vertical) – Consider an exterior crack repair process if you do not want to disturb your interior walls. It begins by coring a small hole in the earth at the crack location. After the crack is exposed and prepared  a clay-like substance can be poured into the hole covering the entire crack. See waterproofing company in your area for help and assistance, such as, U.S.Waterproofing.