About Us and Our Approach

Inspectall Inspections inspects each property as if it were our own. This approach helps us to be diligent in getting to know the condition of the home. Our objective is to identify potential risk and problems that may exist in the home and to put the findings in a written report. The report will help you to make important and informed decisions about the property and plan accordingly. Getting to “know the property you are buying” by way of having a thorough home inspection is a major part of the home buying process and having a peace of mind.

Inspectall Inspections was started in 2003, We are licensed and insured.

We have inspected hundreds of properties if not thousands over the years and have a diverse architectural and engineering background inspecting a variety of properties.

Inspection Training

Our training and certifications is through various inspection training programs, such as, Inspection Training Associates, NACHI and others. We are also located on the Better Business Bureau which serves as verification as to the length of time in business and in some respects our experience in the industry.

Areas that we inspect are as outlined by the Illinois state statute for inspectors which include the attic, crawlspace, basement, electrical, heating and air conditioning and other components as outlined by the statute. See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Over the years we have enjoyed working with many diverse clients from all over the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs educating them about the property. The interaction with various clients over the years certainly makes it a worth while and satisfying experience.
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Home Inspector Tip: Don’t Ignore Important Maintenance Items

Some of the new expenses that home ownership can bring with it is making repairs. While you should exercise restraint in buying nonessentials you shouldn’t neglect any problem that put you or your property at risk or in danger and allow a small problem to grow to become a more expensive issue over a period of time. 7 Smart Steps Every New Homeowner Should Take.